Welcome to Brown Study! Please take off your shoes and walk right in. We Indians don’t do shoes in the house.

Take a peek behind some piles of books and you’d find Avani there, jotting away, revelling in stories and words that choose her as their medium. She likes to think of herself as a reader who writes the stories she wishes to read.

She’s a creative writer, web content developer and editor. So if you have a story to tell and need the words for it, she’s your woman. After writing for over a decade, she turned full-time freelancer in 2015.

An artist at heart, Avani’s whole life circles around her love for languages and stories. She is a book-nerdy, fairly gentle young woman who admires the good, howls at the bad and makes tiny little efforts to give a voice to the voiceless. She blogs because one, she loves the feeling of having something of her own written and read, and two, because the publishing community continues to ignore her works.

Get comfortable, take a house tour and come back for a chat?


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