If only

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If only, by the mere accident of birth, you’d not brand me as your citizen, the way you brand your cattle. I will soon disperse from the herd you’ve raised, fed and exploited, and head to someplace better. We’re slightly different from cattle, you see? Not much, but slightly. I survive for that slightness. I hope you do too. But these days, you can’t rely much on hope. Your flock snickers, you know? Looking around desperately from the corner of the eye, for an instance to run you over. I thought you should know. I wish you well. And wait.

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    1. Well, honestly that wasn’t in my mind in the 5 minutes that I took to write this. Although, I am an avid admirer of Orwell. Maybe it’s a subconscious inspiration. :)


  1. we are seeing quite a bit of that particular inspiration these days aren’t we? india against corruption, occupy wall street, even bane from the dark knight rises.. interesting how everything going around leaves its mark in imperceptible ways.


      1. often? he haunts me all the time. even though they share their core ideologies, for some reason i find him darker than the joker. and what makes you say there is worse to come? i agree, but i have my reasons to. what are yours?


        1. He is definitely darker than the joker. There is an innate diabolism in him.
          And well, my reasons are plenty. For one, I bluntly say that people have lost it. The state of life in general today is certainly not heading towards something better, purer rather. The fact that it takes an effort to find good around and within oneself, which is often disappointingly unsuccessful, says a lot.


            1. Of course there is much more to it but for me, it all basically comes down to what I said earlier. Makes you wonder if there’s an out to this. I almost don’t want to know.


              1. at some point of time, i was required to spend 2 months in rural madhya pradesh. if we humans can live with the kind of socio-economic gaps we do, there is no out. we deserve a bane, and we shall have one, if nature does not pull the trigger first. (and believe you me, i’m NOT a cynic or a pessimist.)


                1. Nor am I. And I believe in this very thing as well. Some of my other posts – ‘I will show you fear in a handful of dust’, and especially The Anarchic Jungle and We’ve Left Him Wondering – have, if narrowed down, a very similar sensibility.


                  1. ha ha.. something by kipling seems to fit here..

                    “we are done with hope and honor, we are lost to love and truth,
                    we are dropping down the ladder rung by rung!
                    and the measure of our torment is the measure of our youth,
                    god help us for we knew the worst too young!”

                    perhaps the only semblance of peace we are allowed to have is the knowledge that we are doing what we can, (if that be the case) and we at least tried. ‘s what keeps me going.


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