human question mark

If thought is an exchange of energy within a system, and in turn, of matter, isn’t the source of the meditative process increasingly dependent on the external, and not an end in itself, as it is often posed to be? I wonder. I religiously believe in energy as one’s end all and be all. It is my calling. And the fact that it strongly relies on external sources makes me question the idea of quintessential singularity and the course of being.

I realized today that there is a gap between what I think and what I make of it. It’s a space I often choose to traipse through without much coherence. In this distance between thought and comprehension, most of my energy dwells. Rising to the surface, it falls, without stay, like undulating waves.

I wonder if there is a symmetrical drop in the deeper parts of this trochoidal ocean. Well, I must first learn to swim.

#Image taken from Google images. I do not possess the copyright to this image and it remains the property of its owner.

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