Photo by Hey Beauti Magazine on Unsplash

Black heels on the red ramp
They walk the catty walk
Graceful, insidious, charming
Hungry curves and supple moves

A killing smile, a sensual look
Onlookers gasp and sigh
They model their beauty
Fair, tall and lean

Because beauty sells.

Grey clouds battle over the sky
Round, pregnant rain drops
Fall like bricks
The makeup, like cement, cracks
Water seeps into the dents
Drain-like pores strive to breathe

The wet magazine cover
Curls at the corner
A blemish on the glamour
Of a semi-clad figure
Empty eyes and icy smile
A laugh that died down

Because beauty fades.

A tiny hand, dark and worn, tugs
At the jeans, muddy face and deep eyes
Coins clutter, land on the open palm
A toothy smile takes crooked form

How mud mingles with water
A perfect blend on an artist’s palette
Open palms closed into fists
The meanderer dousing in a puddle

Because beauty begs.

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