Are you out of pain?
Is your mind clear?
Your heart free?
Do you grow and age?

I often wonder.

Do you hear the fights?
We lack your strength, your resolve.
We are still finding our way.
Do you watch over us?

I often wonder.

Do you recall memories?
Have you moved on?
We haven’t, but we try.
What is it that you seek?

I often wonder. 

Have you made new friends?
Or reunited with old ones?
I’m sure you have.
Do you miss anything?

I often wonder.

Did you know when it was time?
Is it worth it?
I think I know what you’d say.
Have you found home?

I often wonder. 

To dream

He dreams of a faraway land,
She nods along, eyes in that direction.
He dreams of making his own life,
She smiles agreeably.

She loves him for his passion,
That inquisitive look in his eyes.
The power she sees
When he raises that steady hand.

With every step
On every path,
They dream his dream together
In the dark of the night.

Until the day it comes true.
So happily they cry
In each other’s arms,
Never wanting to let go.

He leaves,
To realize his dream.
She waits,
For him to realize it.

Years pass by
As she clings to his memories.
What wouldn’t she give to see
That notorious smile she loved.

She wouldn’t tell him that.
There are things he has to do.
Hugging his picture,
She sleeps, she reads, she writes.

Until the day he comes back.
She jumps, laughs, between sniffles.
He says he has another dream.
She stops, then smiles patiently.

He asks her to be his wife.
‘Yes! A million times over.’
He takes her into his dream.
There she realizes hers.