Each night Her vision grew indistinct Smudged with soot Smeared with smoke Beclouded by gloomy fog As the thick rims came off. After some fumbling And clumsy toe-stubs She would reach out To turn the last lamp off In a failed attempt To function Without help Without clarity Without glasses. The eyelids dropped Like iron... Continue Reading →

Blind Pace

  You say 'walk' And I will. I'll hear cars, bikes Buzzing, honking. I seek a name For that Which makes me Take each step Without a peek. A sole thought, Dancing in the bustle.

To dream

He dreams of a faraway land, She nods along, eyes in that direction. He dreams of making his own life, She smiles agreeably. She loves him for his passion, That inquisitive look in his eyes. The power she sees When he raises that steady hand. With every step On every path, They dream his dream... Continue Reading →

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